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Op. OPFOR 2017: Bear's Bearing



After the annexation of Crimea and the establishment of fragile truce in the Ukraine, security conditions on NATO's eastern borders have improved, but only until multilateral force buildup was announced. Poland has successfully held joint military exercises with US Army and Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) were deployed on the border of Poland and Baltic states. Only occasional vocational duels between USA and Russia have trembled in the media.
In the early 2017, a popular movement has arisen in Latvia, based on wishes of Russian minority, amongst which, a declaration of Russian language as complementary official language in Latvia was the most prevalent one. Latvia has, since mid 90's denied the basis of this, while extending wide array of other special rights to Russian minority, even ignoring some questions regarding private assets and their source, since most of it was nationalized in the USSR era. 
Smaller protest have taken place in Riga and Daugavpils in the late December of 2016, organized by extreme pro-Russian parties. Peaceful at first, they soon took a more aggressive turn, thanks to provocations by ex members of Visu Latvijai, a right wing organization, that is strongly in favor of rigorous naturalization of Latvian populace and establishment of tight ties with NATO and European Union.
In light of this, Russia has scheduled a medium scale military exercise, intended to check preparedness for intervention in case of endangerment of civil lives. The exercise was last in line of exercises, that took place in 2016 and in which more than 40 million residents and more than 50 thousand pieces of military equipment took part. 
During a police intervention on 29th December 2016 in Daugavpils, a 21 year old student I. N. received life threatening injuries and died on 5th January 2017 in Riga hospital. Same day, an Alliance for Russia was formed and in less than two days, it’s membership soared to over 50 thousand members of Russian minority in Latvia. A day after the memorial service for I. N., a large gathering was announced. Main demands of Alliance for Russia were: Russian language as second official language, constitutional changes of Russian minority status and a tenth of seats in Saeima, Latvian house of parliament. Protests across Latvia lasted for two days and just as the authorities started preparing for unrest on the scale of that in Egypt, Syria and other locations on the outskirts of Europe, the protesters started departing the protest sites on the eve of 6th January 2017.
At 23:40, an attack took place near city of Pilda in the eastern Latvia, that targeted a bus full of protesters. Attackers arrived and left in two unmarked vehicles and killed 32men and women, while wounding another 16. They were executing some of the wounded, as police responders came and they fled. 
About 30 minutes after the first news of the attack reached the government and major media, there was a great outage of mobile services across Latvia. Communication across Latvia became nearly impossible, even for armed forces of NATO. On 7th January, at 0130, RT.com aired an emergency broadcast by the president of Russian federation, Vladimir Putin, informing all the citizen of Russian federation and Russians across the world, that sadly, in light of threats to Russian minority in Latvia, he was forced to send armed forces, numbering 120.000 men of Zapadnyi voennyi okrug into Latvia, with the mission of protecting the Russian minority there.
He stated, that Russian federation is in contact with Lithuania and Estonia, whose borders are guarded with additional 200.000 men of Russian ground forces. Their task is to provide security and prevent foreign involvement in a security operation.
During the maneuvers of Russian armed forces into Latvia, 1500 latvian soldiers were injured or killed, as well as 50 british soldiers. Around 30 members of US special forces, taking part in a LRRP exercise are unaccounted for. Over 500 pieces of heavy military equipment was lost. Latvian military retreats to the outskirts of Riga, where they regroup and fortify, but less than 30 percent of the country remains under sovereign control. Russian forces start performing police operations in rest of the country.
International response varies, to say the least. NATO is divided; president Obama is in favour of strong reaction, but is stopped by the representatives in both houses. He is also outbound and president elect, Donald Trump is against swift reaction. Germany reacts quickly and together with France sends additional 20.000 soldiers, as well as Franco-German brigade of nearly 6.000 men. Britain sends almost 20.000 troops and strong naval task force towards the Baltic sea. Public opinion is strongly on the side of Theresa May and there’s one interesting side effect. Brexit is postponed indefinitely, or at least until the resolution of the conflict.
Russian forces hold their advance, backed by the UN security council resolution. Heavy artillery moves out of the range and the talks begin, how to defuse the situation.

Here begins the story of Op. OPFOR 2017.


For slovenian story, please click on this link 


Choose between:

-Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (Вооружённые Си́лы Росси́йской Федера́ции; Западный военный округ)

-Spetsnaz (Cпецназ)

-VJTF and Latvian army

-NATO Special forces

See more about each side in ticket area. Just click "more info" besides ticket type.



1700hrs : arrival to the field, setting up tents, registration opens

1800hrs: welcome party and dinner

2000hrs: registration closes

0000hrs: end of party

0100hrs: last transport to HQ


0730hrs: registration opens

0900hrs: registration closes

1000hrs: game starts


1200hrs: game ends, AAR is made for interested teamleaders and participants

1300hrs: packing up should be well on it's way


Standard DTI rules apply (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0eZXsYbNRJ4TU5yTzhRMzFXSkE/view?usp=sharing), rules will be slightly updated till the end of may.


all players must register trough EVENTBRITE. Link to the event is https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/op-opfor-17-bears-bearing-tickets-32238867320

Until 09062017, 40€

from 10062017 to 24062017, 45€ 

After 24062017 registration will no longer be possible.

Registration provides:

-dinner voucher and 2 drink vouchers for Friday. Additional vouchers for drinks could be preordered (1€/voucher) or obtained on field.

-accident insurance for the duration of event

-logistic support: chemical toilets, drinking water, transportations

-memorabilia patch

-PES support (Personal Eye System will be used extensively for battlefield management and it is recommended, that each team has at least one Android device with data connection. PES uses about 100kB traffic per day of use. Xiaomi 10000 mAh power banks are available for a safety deposit of 20€).

In cooperation with HASS (Hrvatski Airsoft Savez) we provide to all atendees of CQB event: "GBB i ATSC, 02072017, Croatia" a special participation fee of 30€ for Op. OPFOR 2017 (regardless of registration time, but payment must be made to our account before the start of CQB event: "GBB i ATSC, 02072017, Croatia".

For registration an ADVANCE PAYMENT is MANDATORY on TRR:

Športno društvo za taktične igre

Ulica bratov Učakar 106, 1000 Ljubljana

IBAN: SI56 6100 0000 6503 615 (Delavska Hranilnica; SWIFT BIC: HDELSI22)

The registration fee must be paid within 7day from entering. In subject put order number. For group payments send an email on DTI e-mail address (Ta e-poštni naslov je zaščiten proti smetenju. Za ogled potrebujete Javascript, da si jo ogledate.), and list all the players you have paid for.

Event is limited STRICTLY to players 18+, all teams are invited.

Places per game side are limited, last registration is possible on friday, 24062017, 2330hrs.

You will receive additional information before the game trough e-mail, based on your Eventbrite registration. When filling out Eventbrite forms, each individual must enter with his real name, surname and email address. (to prevent e.g. 5x John Wayne)

Follow us on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1557024514610966/

See you on Op. Bear's Bearing

DTI, Društvo za Taktične Igre (Society/Team for Tactical Games)

Ljubljana, Slovenia



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