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Op. OPFOR 2015: Black haze EN



This is ENGLISH version of the article. Za slovensko različico kliknite tukaj.


In year 2014, the situation on the east of Ukraine has reached boiling point. Russian separatists, with help from Russian soldiers, have reached supremacy in the area of New Russia (Novorossiya) as they call the part of Ukraine where the majority of citizens are prorussian. But due to the unexposure of Russia they were never able to reach the point to declare their independency. It's position serves just right to all of the participating sides as representation of their power.

Ukrainian government has failed to claim the area back, It's old tired status quo for now. Peace treaty brought cease fire and all the sides are respecting it. Most probably because they are preparing for the next conflicts. Ukraine diplomaticaly approached USA for their appetites to place missile defence, and what's better than Ukrainian countryside just outside the Moscow. And they know the nuclear missiles are usless if they are shot down by NATO or USA before even exiting russian aerospace.

Situation is quite tense, neither side is willing to take the first big move. Especially due to the uncertainty of not (yet) involved global superpowers. China stated that it will not take side in the conflict, but espionage experts says the opposite. Unfilled gaps can quickly become opportunities for China. Everyone is watchin each other's card in this game. Who's bluffing, who's got the ace up his sleeve? Looks like the game will not be over so soon.

Tension was alleviated by France. Along with Germany they suggested to send some international forces, not bound by NATO to create buffer zone between two sides untill there's a more lasting solution available. Untill that time there is still a few months and the peace keeping forces will have a lot of work on their hands.

Luckily (for Germany and France) the agreement was confirmed by both sides. International units must be in small numbers and would take up peace keeping and investigation of events that brought Ukraine to the edge of civil war.

This is where the story of Op OPFOR 2015: Black Haze begins...


TIMETABLE and flow of events:

Place: OSVAD Poček, central training ground of Slovenian armed forces

Friday 03JUL2015

1600-1900 - Registrations

2000 - Briefings and start of the game

Saturday 04JUL2015:

0000-2400 - game

Sunday 05JUL2015

1200 - The end of OPFOR 2015 Black Haze + Food will be served

1700 - At that time all invited should be on their way


Parking and camping will be possible in the offzone. We strongly encourage people not to enter offzone. Try to stay ingame!

Due to the requirements of the range, shooting with infantry weapons will take place on saturday. At appointed hour you will be escorted to the shooting range and then back to ingame area.

At least one week before the game you will recieve detailed instructions in OPORD



Only invited teams can ateend.

You can choose from three sides of conflict:

1. Russian separatists; Army of New Russia (25+15)

2. Ukrainian forces; Batallion Azov (25+15)

3. International intervention units: UKRAPEACE (20+10)*

Number of tickets is limited, first wave and second wave. We retain the right to switch sides if necessery to keep balance.

*UKRAPEACE, Teams of 8 are optimal. Max 10 and minimum of 6 people allowed due to the nature of missions.


Entrance fee is 50€* per person. You get:

-shooting on shooting range Bile (organisation, security, weapons, ammunition, targets, transport)

-warm meal on sunday along with two drink vouchers

-Toilets in off-zone

-logistic expenses (ingame material, medic material, vehicle fuel, use of organiser's vehicles)

-game side patch

-Personal eye system (PES) tracking support with server and temporary license for all atendees (For team leaders there is option to rent for free a Xiaomi 10400mAh battery pack to stay charged all day. 20€ deposit, which will be refunded at returing of the equipment)

-Medical insurance from 3rd to 5th of July

*without visting the shooting range the cost is 40€


Entrance fee can be payed as a team or individual:

Društvo za taktične igre
ul. Bratov Učakar 106
1000 Ljubljana

Delavska hranilnica:


IBAN: SI56 6100 0000 6503 615



Standard DTI rules applies. Minimal age is 18.

Event will last for 36 hours, be prepered and bring enough food (there will not be any options to buy food on field) and water carriage capabilities. Water will be distributed, but you should carrie enough on yourself.

On sides of Army of new Russia anf Batallion Azov will be allowed use of vehicles. Registrations will be  regulated to ensure propper balance. Vehicle users must respect ingame rules and state laws.

This time there will be live shooting available for all participants, various types of guns. (7.62x39, bolt action rifle, shotgun). Shooting will be organised on infantry shooting range Bile, under the supervision of range master and his assistants. Shooting will count as team-competition. You will recieve all informtions before the shooting wich must be obeyed. No "respawn" if you fuck this one. Shooting range is optional and must be  stated at the registration. 



Russian separatists; Army of New Russia

Volunteers who fights for independancy of eastern lands in Ukraine. They are Prorussian, many of the gear was imported from russia. They use green types of uniforms and various AK variants. They don't use digital uniforms and sand/tan based uniforms.

They are mix of russian military forces, volunteers, local prorussian Ukranians... and can use latest russian high tech gear or some old stuff, leftovers from Coldwar.


Ukrainian forces; Batallion Azov

Batallion Azov

Is currently under juridistiction of Ministry of Interior. It started as volunteer organisation in Maj of 2014. It's members are mostly from ukrainian armed forces, police, and notable number of foreign volunteers.

They have some high-tech gear at their disposal, they use digital and tan/coyote based uniforms and wield anything from hight-tech AKs and armalites.


Members of UKRAPEACE are from various military forces like France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Canada and even USA. They cooperate under common headquarters, lead by France and Germany which provides means to keep operation transparent.

Teams of 8 (6-10) must appear as unit. One type of camo and preferably on type of headgear. At the registrations please choose a UKRAPEACE state. You will recieve personalized UKRAPEACE patch.



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