Tuesday February 19, 2019

ArniesAirsoft News

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ArniesAirsoft News
  1. BattleArena: Worldwide Airsoft Shooter Tournament
    BattleArena have shared details of their 2019 tournament which will be taking place in Finland during March: BattleArena is the biggest international airsoft tournament which will take place at March 2nd and 3rd 2019 in Finland. The US will be represented by the Cut Throut Contracting Team from NJ. Athletes from Russia, Finland, USA, Belarus, […]
  2. APS’s new hellfire grenades
    APS are releasing some new hell fir grenades: (APS)
  3. HELIKON TMR training mini rig is back in stock @Emperion
    Emperion have the HELIKON TMR Training Mini Rig back in stock: (Emperion)
  4. RedWolf: 3 days 12% off GK Tactical, Prometheus & KJ Works
    Here is all the latest news from RedWolf Airsoft: New Arrival GHK 553 Tactical GBBR Now Available! (RedWolf Airsoft)
  5. Gunfire winners sale–up to 75% off
    Congratulations to Gunfire on winning yet another Popular Airsoft Players’ Choice Award: Winners Sale in Gunfire! Over 3500 products up to 75%OFF. We celebrate the ninth consecutive victory in the Popular Airsoft Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards. It would not be possible without your support and votes. Therefore, we want to thank you for that with […]
  6. New products from King Arms
    Here is all the latest product news from King Arms: Looks like our PDW 9mm SBR also suitable for hunter, don’t you agree? Photo: https://www.instagram.com/life_of_gwan/ #KingArms #Airsoft #AirsoftWorld #AirsoftCommunity Please Share or Press “LIKE” Funk up your target. Get your best deal & win the best duel. The Predator Tactical Night Shrike .45 ACP is […]
  7. APS eSilver Edge gear box
    APS have shared details of their eSilver Edge gear box: The eSilver Edge gear box is first main product in APS marketing plan 2019. In a few months later, we are going to launch our PER series, ASR series , F-1 firearms and Falkor Defense in eSliver Edge version. ePER MK VIII eSilver Edge CG […]
  8. G&G: LMG’s are here!
    G&G have shared details of their new CM16 LMG: CM16 LMG The highly anticipated LMG is finally here! The CM16 LMG is packed with many features. It comes in a full polymer receiver and M-LOK rail. A 6-position crane stock allows for easy adjustment.  A bipod for a steady prone position and a set of […]
  9. Valentine’s day sale 2019
    Military 1st are celebrating Valentine’s Day with a discount code: We offer 14% off across all categories with Discount Code LOVE. Visit us today and save on military and outdoor clothing, combat boots, tactical backpacks, survival and camping equipment, and more. The UK customers: www.military1st.co.uk The rest of the world: www.military1st.com Hurry up: this special […]
  10. Valentine’s day at Gunfire
    Here is all the latest news from Gunfire: Up to 20%OFF airsoft valentine’s day gifts in Gunfire! Flowers, chocolates or stuffed toy? None of these! We know that airsoft maniacs will be most pleased with a spare bag of BBs or new equipment. Use the Valentine’s Day code: AIRSOFTLOVE and get yourself up to 20%OFF! […]
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